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FIAS Standards Consultation 2021

Over the last year, the FIAS Working Group has reviewed the current FIAS 2016 Standard. 

Key changes proposed include merging of previously separate documents into a single FIAS standard with colour coded sections; a change of numbering and format; clarification of requirements for derogation of contractors;  rewording of product recall requirements; updates to legislation or guidance where applicable and provision of links direct to relevant documents for on-line users.

The consultation documents, including a key changes summary and a response form for your comments and suggestions are accessible via the links below.  

Within the documents, all changes made are highlighted in red text and references to the clause numbers in the current standard are given.

Consultation documents:

  • Scheme Rules
  • FIAS standard
  • Appendices
  • Key changes summary
  • Response form

The consultation will run until 5pm on Wednesday 9th September.   Taking into account comments from participants and stakeholders, the finalised Standards will be published in the autumn, and audits will commence in February 2021.

Please respond by email to Roberta Reeve, by the closing date.

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