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Industry Guidance and Codes of Practice

Recommended Best Practice for the Sale of Fertiliser Explosive Precursors on the Internet

162kb PDF

This document, produced by AIC is for guidance purposes and all retailers and distributors selling via the internet should satisfy themselves that they are meeting the legal requirements in all aspects of fertiliser product sale and supply, storage and transport

The Storage, Handling and Transportation of Ammonium Nitrate-Based Fertilisers 2015

1289kb PDF

This Guide is concerned with the storage, handling and transportation of Ammonium Nitrate [AN] -based fertilisers and is intended for use by manufacturers, importers, merchants, storage companies and hauliers as a guide to good practice in the UK.

Managing off specification Ammonium nitrate

411kb PDF

Guidance Note for Manufacturers, Importers, Blenders, Transporters, Store Keepers and Suppliers of Ammonium Nitrate Based Fertilisers.
This note is to advise you of your responsibilities and the serious consequences in the event of a batch of ammonium nitrate fertiliser failing a Detonation Resistance Test (DRT).

Code of Practice for the Transfer and Traceability of Fertiliser Classified as Dangerous Goods

29kb PDF

This Code of Practice is designed to reduce to a minimum the physical transfer of product, as defined, and enhance traceability for security purposes. This can be best achieved by placing the responsibility for the distribution/delivery of the product to the farmer user upon the producer or the first importer or his appointed distributor. The measures detailed herein apply equally to all three parties.

Guidance on the Ammonium Nitrate Materials (High Nitrogen Content) Safety Regulations 2003

115kb PDF

FMA Guidance Note (Version 1 - 18th July 2003)
This Guidance reflects the FMA's current understanding and interpretation of the Regulations. It may be subject to future amendment in the light of experience gained in working with the Regulations and to reflect changes which may be made to them.

Fluid Fertiliser Code Tank Sticker 2015

218kb PDF

Follow the Fluid Fertiliser Code

Guidance on Notification of Installations Handling Hazardous Substances (Amendment) Regulations 2002 (NIHHS)

36kb PDF

The Notification of Installations Handling Hazardous Substances (Amendment) Regulations 2002 (NIHHS) requires that any site which contains or is liable to contain 150 tonnes or more of a Hazardous Substance specified in the Regulations shall be notified to the Health and Safety Executive.

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