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FIAS Update

FIAS Update Winter 2019-20

493kb PDF

FIAS i-learning - new module launched
Stakeholder focus
Updates from Kiwa
Dangerous Goods
Safety Advisers

FIAS Update Issue 12

530kb PDF

• Kiwa update
• Transport Safety
• Audits – how to avoid common non-conformances

FIAS Update Issue 11

977kb PDF

• February 2017 Deadline
• Red Tractor Consultation
• Explosive Precursors Update
• Top Non-conformances
• Participant Feedback

FIAS Update Issue 10

2176kb PDF

• Suspicious requests
• 10 years of FIAS
• Addressing security
• Top non-conformances
• Dates for your diary

FIAS Update Issue 9

3106kb PDF

• New FIAS WG Chair
• FIAS Revision
• New Red Tractor Standards
• DVSA update
• Top 5 Non-conformances
• Feedback

FIAS Update Issue 8

450kb PDF

Inside this issue
• UK pause for thought after Texas explosion
• FIAS initiates ‘fertiliser think tank’ to improve farm safety and security
• IFA endorses FIAS approach
• CTSA – a vital role
• HSE seeks out non-FIAS firms
• International collaboration
• Joining up AIC schemes
• Latest participant feedback

FIAS Update Issue 7

324kb PDF

Inside this issue
• Presentation to European security conference
• Combatting threat of IEDs
• Survey confirms the importance of Assurance
• FIAS reduces HSE inspections
• Feedback draw winner
• New sub-contractor database
• Commonest non conformances
• New FIAS leaflet

FIAS Update Issue 6

193kb PDF

Inside This Issue
• First overseas participant
• Oslo heightens concerns on fertiliser security
• Key changes to FIAS Standards
• New FIAS steering group members
• News in brief
• FIAS Top nonconformances
• Scheme feedback

FIAS Update Issue 5

162kb PDF

Inside This Issue
• Fresh faces on committees
• FIAS Steering Group
• FIAS Working Group
• New Faces
• News in brief
• FIAS Top non conformances
• Scheme feedback

FIAS Update Issue 4

4318kb PDF

Inside This Issue
• At a Glance - Key changes to FIAS Standards
• Have your say on revised FIAS standards
• Subcontractor Approval
• AIC transfer & traceability code
• Openfield
• FIAS Assessor Training
• Detonation Resistance Failures

FIAS Update Issue 3

617kb PDF

Inside this Issue
• Cut-off date for FIAS Certification is now looming
• FIAS Review
• Defra Minister, Lord Rooker encourages FIAS progress
• FIAS top nonconformances
• Farmway case study
• FIAS feedback
• European interest in FIAS Scheme

FIAS Update Issue 2

460kb PDF

Inside this Issue
• FIAS Standards to be revised
• Cut-off date set for FIAS Certification
• Case Studies
• FIAS Common Action Points
• Home Garden Fertiliser

FIAS Update Issue 1

567kb PDF

a new publication aimed at keeping all FIAS participants and applicants up-to-date with the latest scheme developments.

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