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AIC completes successful TASCC seminar programme

26 March 2012

AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation) has completed a successful programme of seminars for its TASCC assurance scheme. The seminars, which took place at five locations across the UK, were attended by a total of 210 delegates.

Garry Rudd, AIC Services’ Technical Manager, said: “The TASCC Assurance Scheme fulfils an important function in relation to food safety with regard to combinable crops and also the role that animal feed plays in the food supply chain. It was set up to ensure that grains, oilseeds and pulses are handled responsibly once they leave the farm, and includes specific codes of practice for haulages, merchants, storage and testing.

“AIC is proud of the important work it does in providing a variety of assurance schemes that help to guarantee the quality of UK food, and which integrate with farm assurance, retail and consumer schemes. In delivering this important work, we review and update the schemes on a regular basis, and seminars such as these are an excellent way of making sure that the participants are update with the requirements of the scheme.”

Topics covers by the seminars included changes to the codes including:

  • Ensuring customer requirements are met across all codes
  • Making sure that the assurance status of growers is up-to-date for the merchants’ code
  • Details of the use of containers for the merchants’ and storage codes
  • The requirement for hauliers to informing the certification body before a second-hand trailer is used
  • Correct use of the Combinable Crops Passport
  • Latest information regarding the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (In the future this will be the subject of a small appendix for TASCC participants to fulfil)
  • Details of the new AIC assurance alert system and the use of the assurance checker

In addition to the five UK locations, AIC Services organised a successful information day for new participants in Dublin, and this was attended by 70 delegates.

“We are pleased with the response we received,” said Garry. “People clearly valued the service that we provide, and the level of attendance was a good indicator of the importance of the TASCC scheme in the industry and in the overall supply chain.”


Further information
Garry Rudd, AIC 01733 385274

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Peter Crowe, Ware Anthony Rust 01223 884600 m: 07967 504034

Notes for editors
The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) is the leading trade association in the agri-supply industry. Formed in October 2003 following the merger of three existing trade associations, AIC has over 300 Members in the agri-supply trade and represents £6.5 billion turnover at farm-gate.
AIC represents a number of sectors within the agri-supply sector including: Animal Feed; Crop Protection and Agronomy; Fertilisers; Grain and Oilseeds; Seed.
It works on behalf of its members by: Lobbying policy makers and stakeholders; Delivering Information; Providing Trade Assurance; Offering Technical Support.

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