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AIC improves robustness of assurance schemes

2 July 2019

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) is improving the robustness of its assurance schemes by launching an identification card for all auditors.

AIC Services (AICS) runs a number of industry assurance schemes for livestock feed material and production safety (FEMAS and UFAS); food and feed safety for combinable crops (TASCC); renewable energy criteria (RED); fertiliser security (FIAS); and seed treatment (ESTA). These play an essential part in ensuring safety in the feed and foodchains, as well as delivering safety in the fertiliser supply sector.

Annual audits for the schemes are carried out by one of two sub-contracted certification bodies – Lloyds Register and Kiwa Agri-Food. The cards are being issued to increase security and enable sites that are audited to quickly identify the holder as an authorised auditor.

The cards have a picture of the auditor and clearly state which schemes he or she is qualified for. The introduction comes at a time when all schemes are introducing ‘short notice audits’ that will can be carried 24 hours after giving notice to scheme participants.

AIC Services Managing Director John Kelley said: “ The new Auditor Identification Cards will not only validate auditors’ qualifications and experience, but also provide confidence to participants. The ID card demonstrates a commitment to ongoing training and development. This is part of the AICS strategy to continually improve the robustness of its assurance schemes.”

AICS ID Card side1AICS ID Card side1


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