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All TASCC vehicles must be entered into AIC Vehicle Inventory

11 December 2019

All TASCC (Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops) participants at AIC are being advised that all TASCC-only vehicles must be entered into the AIC Vehicle Inventory as from 1st February 2020.

All TASCC participants currently must maintain an up to date inventory of TASCC and Non-TASCC vehicles owned or operated, hired or leased either via a paper copy, electronic or the AIC Vehicle Inventory portal. FEMAS already requires participants to input vehicle details into the portal and UFAS participants will also be required to do so from 2020.

As a reminder, as stipulated in H1.1 of the TASCC haulage code, vehicle makes reference to a rigid or articulated bulk tipping, blowing, walking-floor and tanker vehicle/trailer. The updated requirement H9.1 is shown below:

Hauliers must maintain an up to date inventory of TASCC and Non-TASCC vehicles owned or operated (including acquired new and second-hand bulk vehicles), hired or leased detailing:

  • the registration number
  • type and use
  • the TASCC membership ID
  • manufacturer’s chassis number
  • date of purchase or hire
  • date of disposal or removal from the scheme

Hauliers must enter TASCC vehicles on the AIC Vehicle Inventory portal.

It is the responsibility of the haulier to ensure that the inventory is up to date. This includes removal of vehicles, new, hired or second-hand vehicles.

When a new, second-hand or hired vehicle is to be added to the TASCC fleet this must be entered onto the AIC Vehicle Inventory including the relevant documentation (as specified in the guidance tab on the AIC Vehicle Inventory portal) for the vehicle being added. Approval from the certification body must be received before use.

The participant must retain confirmation of the approval from the certification body.

These regulations only apply to TASCC/UFAS approved trailers, but non-TASCC vehicles can also be added if desired. 

The regulation will come into effect from February 1st 2020. All TASCC participants are urged to make note of this and register as soon as they are able.

For further information and a login to the AIC Vehicle Inventory portal, please contact Kiwa by email ( or by phone (01423 878873).


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