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Department for Transport and AIC sign Memorandum of Understanding

22 May 2015

AIC are delighted to announce that after years of discussion between AIC Services and the Department for Transport (DfT) the DfT Dangerous Goods Division has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AIC granting “Earned Recognition” to FIAS certified hauliers with respect to the security requirements contained within ADR Chapter 1.10.

The agreement recognises the role that the independent FIAS audits can play in ensuring fertilisers are transported securely. In practical terms, the MoU formalises the ongoing relationship between AIC and the DfT and means that FIAS hauliers involved in the transport of fertilisers, when classified as high consequence dangerous goods, will receive less frequent security inspections.

In real terms this will result in less resource being allocated to these areas from by both certified FIAS Hauliers and the Government leading to subsequent cost savings. Hauliers that are not certified to FIAS standards will not have this earned recognition and will be subject to continued inspections in these areas.

John Mairs, Deputy Head of Dangerous Goods Division said, “This agreement is an excellent example of collaboration between government and an industry which takes its responsibilities seriously and has become a trusted partner of the DfT in assuring the security of fertilisers.”

John Kelley, Managing Director of AIC Services said, “The MoU represents a reward for the efforts that the fertiliser industry has put into developing the FIAS scheme, and encouraging its uptake throughout the supply chain. AIC will continue to work with DfT and other government stakeholders in the best interests of safety and security and the fertiliser industry.”


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