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Feed Adviser Register to launch new online “Find a Feed Adviser Checker”

3 June 2020

The Feed Adviser Register (FAR) is set to launch its new “Find a Feed Adviser Checker” on 8th June. This online checker is a new initiative by FAR, which will allow farmers to find nearby feed companies that employ registered feed advisers.

All feed advisers have had the opportunity to register for the Checker, with high levels of early adopters. The Checker will not show feed advisers’ individual details but will show the nearest feed adviser companies. From there, further details can be obtained from the individual company as required.

The Find a Feed Adviser Checker was created to offers farmers an intuitive and simple service that lets them find feed advisers, while delivering more transparency within FAR for stakeholders. 

John Kelley, Managing Director of AIC Services, commented: “As FAR has developed over the years, we have always sought to add new capacity to the register for feed advisers. This initiative will add value for feed advisers and help farmers locate professional advice quickly and easily as they require it.”

The Checker permits the setting of various categories in order to find the right adviser, including county and species specialisations.

“The impact of Covid-19 has resulted in great disruption and restrictions on movement,” adds John Kelley. “This tool will give farmers greater autonomy and flexibility. It takes out the stress and hard work of contacting a feed adviser. With the new Find a Feed Adviser Checker, it’s just a few short clicks to access professional advice.”

Find a Feed Adviser Check can be accessed via the Feed Adviser Website from 8th June:


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