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Four-fold commitment strengthens and simplifies feed safety assurance

17 July 2015

Four leading feed safety assurance scheme holders agreed to harmonize requirements for purchasing feed ingredients and services at national, European and international level to simplify administration and share best practice .
The four assurance scheme holders are the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), GMP+ International, OVOCOM and QS Qualität und Sicherheit. Each organisation manages an assurance scheme which covers safety in the feed chain. The new agreement focuses on the main principles for harmonising purchase requirements within the certification schemes to create uniformity,  improve transparency and remove current differences.
“The result of this harmonisation should be simpler operation of schemes that companies trading across country borders will benefit from while everyone in the feed sector should gain from the sharing of best practice to deliver overall scheme objectives,” said AIC Technical Manager Simon Williams. 
Within any given supply chain, suppliers should be certified by their own certification scheme or an equivalent one. For some products and origins, this may not be possible. In such instances, different ‘gatekeeping’ options will apply. Although, all four scheme holders are committed to limiting such possibilities as much as possible.
The four organisations aim to work together with relevant experts to achieve full harmonization for all crucial purchase requirements before end 2016.
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