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Scheme Logos Brand Rules

The logos may only be used in accordance with the rules set out below.

Brand Rules for the use of AIC Trade Assurance Scheme logo's

The purpose of this document is to give guidance on the 'brand rules' for the use of the AIC Trade Assurance Scheme logos. The logos may only be used in accordance with the rules set out below.

1. Logo description

One logo is used for each of the AIC schemes. The Scheme acronyms are registered as certification marks under UK copyright law and the AIC 'arrow'is a registered trade mark owned by AIC.

The logos consist of the initials of each of the schemes (with the 'A' being replaced by the AIC arrow), and text which explains the initials of each scheme above and below the initials.

2. Logo versions & use of background

The logos should be displayed as shown above. The pantone reference for the AIC arrow purple is 259 / CMYK split - 70/96/14/4

Single colour versions of the logos can also be used to match a participants own stationery. No other colour combinations of the letters, arrow or background colour are allowed.

3. Logo sizes

The logos proportions should be kept within the proportions shown above. The logos must not be 'stretched'either in a vertical or horizontal direction.

4. Use of logo

I. Certified participant

Only certified participants are entitled to use the logo of the scheme they are certified to. This can be verified by using the 'assurance checker' on the AIC website

II. Authorised users

Companies or individuals can use the logo's if they are deemed suitable by the AIC Services Managing Director and Technical Managers e.g. consultants, certification bodies, audit bodies, trade bodies e.t.c.

III. Stationery and other printed material

Logos can be used on paper and other stationery as required. The logos can be used on other printed material i.e. feed, grain or fertiliser bags only if the logo is clearly visible and readable on the finished product. In cases where print resolution is not capable of producing legible logo, the scheme acronym may be used.

IV. Website

The logo's can be used on a certified participant's website as long as the rules outlines in section 2. and 3. are followed.

5. Unauthorised use of logo

I. Non certified companies

Companies that are not certified under the 'rules of certification' are not permitted to use the scheme logos.

II. Suspended Participants

Participants that have been suspended, revoked or have withdrawn from the schemes are not able to use the logos and must immediately cease to use any stationery and other material on which they are displayed.

Companies that are found to be using the logos without authorisation will have action taken against them by AIC for breach of intellectual property law.

AIC reserve the right to bring to an end the use of these logo's if AIC changes the existing trade assurance logo's or if the schemes are brought to an end by AIC.

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