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The AIC Contracts and Arbitration Committee has developed a range of Contracts for use within the agrisupply industry. These contracts are available free of charge to full AIC members, and also to Trade Assurance Participants upon payment of the relevant licence fee. The benefits of using a licenced copy of an AIC Contract are:

  • Industry standard wording, recognised by all supply chain stakeholders
  • Legally precise wording avoiding disputes and confusion
  • Access to legally binding arbitration

The contracts of particular relevance to TASCC are listed below. If any of these are of interest please contact Carolynn Palasiuk.


General Contract No. 4/19 (Effective from 1st February 2019)

143kb PDF

AIC General Contract for Agricultural Commodities

Storage Contract 9/19 (Effective from 1 February 2019)

254kb PDF

AIC Contract Note for the Storage of Grain, Oilseeds or Animal Feed Materials

Related documents

  1. AIC Contract Guidance


    Whilst every effort is made to cover all possible contingencies in the terms and conditions of the Associations Grain and Pulse Contracts, inevitably there will be areas which cannot or should not form part of a contract. The Contracts Committee has provided the following advice in relation to some of these areas.

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