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Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops

Effective from 1 February 2014

TASCC Scheme RulesHaulage Code of Practice

Storage Code of PracticeMerchanting Code of PracticeTesting Code of Practice

FEMAS Sector Notes 15 Maize Aflatoxin Monitoring Protocol

741kb PDF

This protocol gives requirements for sampling and analysis of maize and maize by-products from sources with a high risk of the presence of Aflatoxin B1 at levels above those permitted by EU legislation.

TASCC Code changes 1st February 2014

442kb PDF

A summary of the main changes to the TASCC codes of practice effective from 1st February 2014

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    AIC HACCP May 2009 A Practical Guide for the Agri-Food Supply Chain This Guide is designed for use both by companies for whom HACCP may be a completely new concept and also for those companies with prior experience of HACCP. This document has been accepted by the European Commission as part of FEFAC’s EFMC Guide to good practice under the EU Feed Hygiene Regulation

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