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Haulage Documents

Management Review TASCC 2018

210kb DOCX

Annual Review Record

TASCC Haulage - Index of Documents

232kb DOC

Index of TASCC Haulage Model documents

CDF - Collection and Delivery Flow Chart

213kb DOCX

TASCC Haulage Collection Delivery Flowchart
Flow chart of haulage collection delivery process

CDT - Collection Delivery Ticket

231kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Collection Delivery Ticket
Model collection delivery ticket

CR - Complaints Record

1188kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Complaints Record
Model Complaints record for TASCC Haulage

CSR - Cleaning Sanitising Record

256kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Vehicle trailer cleaning record
Model vehicle cleaning record for TASCC Haulage

DP - Drivers Procedures

394kb DOC

Drivers Procedures complying with the AIC TASCC Road Haulage Code - February 2018

DTR - Drivers Training Record

330kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Driver Training Record
Model training record for TASCC Drivers

FA -Fleet addition

1616kb DOC

TASCC Fleet Addition (New/Second hand vehicle or trailer)
Including hired vehicle or trailer

ODI - Owner Drivers Inspection

237kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Owner Driver Inspection Record
Model record for TASCC Haulage owner driver subcontractor audit

OTR - Office Training Record

224kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Office Training Record
Model Training record for office staf in TASCC Haulage businesses

SI - Subcontractors Inspection

280kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Subcontractor Inspection
Model Haulage sub-contractor audit report form

TLS - Trailer Load Sheet

244kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Trailer Load Sheet
Model load record for TASCC Haulage

VTI - Vehicle Trailer Inventory

250kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Vehicle Trailer Inventory
Model Vehicle inventory record for TASCC hauliers

WLS - Weekly Load Sheet

246kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Weekly Load Sheet
Model weekly load sheet record for TASCC Hauliers

WLSC - Weekly Load Sheet - Compartment

235kb DOC

TASCC Haulage Load sheet Compartment trailers
Model load sheet record for multi compartment trailers or vehicles

TASCC Haulage Drivers Checklist

61kb DOCX

AIC TASCC Code of Practice for Road Haulage (bulk only)
Loads covered by this list –combinable crops, animal feed materials/ingredients, feed additives, compound animal feedingstuffs and as-grown seeds carried by bulk tipping, bulk blowing, bulk tanker vehicles (including Walking Floor Trailers)

TASCC Sensitive list matrix

362kb PDF

Appendix 3

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  1. Transport Washing Sites/Companies


  2. Point of Delivery Information Sheet



  3. Trailer ID Guidance


    The identification mark has to be capable of being seen by the weighbridge operator for the purposes of traceability.

  4. TASCC Loading Transportation and Safe Tipping Guide


    Loading, Transportation and Tipping Guidance to be used in conjunction with operators own specific risk assessments

  5. Code of Practice for Deep Cleaning of Road Haulage Vehicles


    AIC TASCC Trailer Cleaning Protocol This protocol specifies the requirements for the cleaning of TASCC trailers that have carried certain Sensitive/Exclusion List material in order for them to be re-admitted to TASCC work.

  6. Guide to Maintaining Road Worthiness 2014


    Commercial goods and passenger carrying vehicles (Revised 2014)

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