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AIC Webstore – On Line Purchasing


AIC Webstore facility is to help Members and Trade Assurance participants in the purchase of items from AIC on line using their debit or credit cards. Initially this facility will be for TASCC Stickers but it is hoped to extend this to other items in the future.

You will need a valid AIC login and if you do not have one or are not aware of this then please contact Carolynn Palasiuk who will be happy to help.

Once successfully logged in with your new or existing AIC website login you can navigate to the webstore from the launch button on the TASCC home page or below.

From the webstore you can select to purchase TASCC Stickers in the order quantities of 200, 500 and a 1000 or any multiples of these.

TASCC Stickers prices

Initially on the first time of use you will be asked to provide a preferred delivery address but this will be remembered for future orders which can be changed at any time.

Once you have selected your items for purchase you then select Checkout and then Buy and you are directed to the payment page where you then pay for your stickers using your Credit or Debit card details.

What happens next?

You will receive a confirmation email of your order details and your stickers will be printed and despatched to your preferred address from AIC printing supplier – Sudbury Print

You will also be sent a Paid with Thanks VAT Invoice from AIC for your records.

The webstore will also keep a record of your order history for your future reference and you can visit the webstore and review this at any time.

Click button below to proceed to the AIC Webstore:

TASCC Stickers

Assurance checker

The search form below allows you to search using one or more criteria e.g. UFAS Compound Feeds.