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UFAS Update

UFAS Update Newsletter Winter 19/20

524kb PDF

• Approval of Suppliers and Feeds
• Own Transport
• UFAS Scope changes
• Merchant Definitions
• New Audit regime
• Updated Fees
• Sampling & Testing Guidance
• Salmonella Guidance
• Controlled products

UFAS Update Issue 12 Summer 2017

303kb PDF


• Introducing Acoura
• UFAS mycotoxin monitoring
• Dioxins in feed
• FEMAS intermediate supplier
• Earned Recognition update
• Call for ergot alkaloids data

UFAS Update Issue 11 Autumn 2016

1347kb PDF

• Recognising Safe Feed
• Mycotoxins update
• FSA National Crime Unit
• Legal Updates
• Earned recognition
• Red Tractor Consultation
• Top non-conformances

UFAS Update Issue 10 - Spring 2016

939kb PDF

• UFAS 2016 – biggest revision in a decade
• One UFAS Standard for all!
• New Guidance documents to be published
• Earned Recognition – saving industry time and money
• Retail Stores Code
• UFAS Checklist
• UFAS Working Group
• UFAS in Numbers

UFAS Update Issue 9

337kb PDF

• Dioxin testing
• FVO update
• FEMAS calculator
• Unannounced inspections
• New UFAS leaflet

UFAS Update Issue 8

269kb PDF

• New dioxin standards could have cost compounders millions of pounds
• Marketing and Use of Feed Regulation implementation
• New UFAS Codes
• VMD and UFAS
• New FEMAS Structure
• BSI PAS 222
• Paper-free inspections
• Feedback and top nonconformances

UFAS Update Issue 7

177kb PDF

• UFAS spot checks focus on hygiene and housekeeping
• Change to UFAS Certificate duration
• Changes to UFAS spot checks to ease the burden on participants
• Marketing and Use of Feed Regulation update
• American Co-op interested in UK assurance
• UFAS Feedback

UFAS Update Issue 6

253kb PDF

• AIC’s HACCP guidance recognised
• Advisory notes for quality control plans
• Helping hauliers to join TASCC
• New International Shipping appendix

UFAS Update Issue 5

522kb PDF

• Positive feedback on inspections
• Deadline set for scheme to improve
• New FSA Nicarbazin leaflet issued
• Mutual Recognition agreed
• NOPS appendix added to codes

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